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Japanese Arts

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Acrylic painting, technique in which pigments are mixed with hot, liquid wax. After all of the colours have been applied to the painting surface, a heating element is passed over them until the individual brush or spatula marks fuse into a uniform film.


Miracle of Origami, Naoki Onogawa has made a revolution of art by merging a common day life structure with micro origami cranes. Magician of the micro world.

Katsuhiko Tomita

Katsuhiko Tomita, born in Tokyo 1958, inspired from Kenya on 1984, has been traveling African and Asian countries re-recognising that he is a Japanese. He believes that “there must be a place” in the beginning. For example, in the northern hemisphere, sunlight shines from the south and shadows cast north. It is important to have the five senses necessary to live on earth, and to have an absolute sense of space.

About Us

This is a site that sells a wide range of Japanese arts and crafts overseas.


A Little Intro

From ancient times to recent years, Japanese arts and crafts have been highly acclaimed worldwide. Especially in recent years, emerging countries such as Southeast Asia have high needs and interest in Japan. Therefore, our company handles a wide range of products related to Japanese culture, such as Japanese art and crafts, and sells them overseas. Through this project, we would like to support the overseas expansion of Japanese artists and companies, and contribute to the export of Japanese culture overseas.